Exhaust Scrubbers

    PureteQ designs built-to-fit maritime scrubber systems for open-loop, hybrid-loop and closed-loop operation. PureteQ has a worldwide presence. The Axces group is pleased to inform you that we have a cooperation agreement with PureteQ to market PureteQ scrubbers within the Benelux demand.

    The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System has low power consumption due to a patented hydrodynamic fluid distribution and an open tower construction, which enables low back pressure. It comes with a state-of-the- art control system with complete remote accessibility and an energy optimisation programme. It features the best, most reliable components from renowned suppliers and it is reasonably priced. All of this ensures low operational expenditures (OPEX), a short Return On Investment (ROI) and superior lifelong performance.

    Reducing Sulphur Oxide (SOx)

    Sulphur oxides (SOx) are emitted by the exhaust of huge heavy diesel engines because they run on heavy fuel. The solution to this is an Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS), also known as a Scrubber. When gases pass through this system the gases are washed with seawater and thus cleaned of sulphur particles and other particulate matter.

    PureteQ proces


    PureteQ installation concepts

    Open loop / hybrid ready

    With an Open Loop system, the wash water from the scrubber system is
    discharged overboard. Where discharging of wash water is allowed, the wash water must comply with the regional and local regulations.

    The Open Loop system can be prepared for a later upgrade to a full Hybrid
    system: Open Loop Hybrid ready. Hybrid ready means that it is easier and less costly to upgrade the scrubber system, should Open Loop operation interfere with the regulations in the future.
    Open loop ready

    hybrid system

    With a hybrid system, the scrubber can be operated in either Open or Closed Loop. The Closed Loop operation is used during port stays, manoeuvring and sailing in “Zero discharge” areas.

    The wash water in Closed Loop operation is circulated through a circulation tank. A continuous bleed off of wash water is cleaned in a Water Treatment System and collected in a holding tank for later discharge at open sea. The cleaned wash water is collected in a holding tank.
    Hybrid loop ready

    With multiple gas sources the flow dynamics must be optimized for low back pressure.

    Multiple gas sources

    required technical information

    • Ship main input data
    • Engineering design decisions
    • Equipment design and scope decisions




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