The Axces BYOS (Build Your Own Stack) program is especially for those customers who have the ability and equipment to build stacks, but have no special knowledge. Axces Industrial Stacks can be your solution; Axces can provide all the knowledge to build your own stack.

There are four different BYOS programs.  Each program will be supervised by skilled people with the necessary expertise and service.


BYOS program

What Axces delivers: 1 2 3 4
The calculation of the loadings on the foundation -
The static dynamic calculation of the stack, indicating all the necessary details to roughly build up the stack -
The design of the anchor basket - - -
Tailored mass damper design and supply of essential parts - -
Flange and bolt connection details - - -
Re-enforcement selection for diaphragms - - -
All documents as sketches - - -
The complete design and engineering of the stack is carried out - - -
All calculations, detailed drawings and digital information - - -
All welding details and special attention points are indicated - - -
Tuned design of the mass damper and supply of essential parts - - -
Program suitable for:        
This program can be used by customers who have previously built stacks, used for stacks without tuned mass dampers. - -
This program can be used by customers who want to build their own stack. - - -
With this program a shop that is familiar with the treatment of rolled steel plates can build its own stack. - - -




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